Founded in 2006, BradyTiling specialise in tiling, waterproofing and screeding for all your renovation and new build needs.

Our Understanding

We understand how crucial it is to deliver exceptional quality to our clients and each project is as important to us as it is to you. We deliver high-calibre workmanship no matter the size of the job.  Working effectively to meet targets and deadlines, we employ a collaborative mindset and work alongside architects, builders and industry partners from start to finish. We are committed to ensuring our clients’ needs are always put first. Offering a full range of professional services, we want our name to be synonymous with five-star performance.


Brady Tiling handles all types of domestic tiling projects including living areas, decks, pools and patios. From kitchens and bathrooms to laying floors and installing indoor/exterior wall tiles, our team is able to create a variety of looks. Working swiftly and effectively, we strive to achieve high-quality finishes. We’re able to create mosaic boarders, patterns, and other visual effects. Whatever your vision, we’ll see it through to fruition. We’re able to employ a vast selection of tiles and finishes such as porcelain, ceramic, marble and natural stone and our team is highly skilled in waterproofing, laying underfloor heating and applying acoustic underlays. Brady Tiling offers a broad range of services to ensure a stunning finish. Our residential tiling services are available throughout Victoria. 


Brady Tiling has a wealth of experience in the commercial arena and has consistently been chosen to manage an array of high-end projects. Among our more recent jobs we have completed work on entryway lobbies, reception areas, bathrooms and kitchens. Our eminently skilled, Melbourne-based team has worked extensively across all types of commercial spaces and we understand the importance of durability while also accommodating a pleasing aesthetic. We are committed to incorporating practical design alongside premium finishes both indoor and out thereby achieving the highest-calibre workmanship.

Our Services


Tile Supply and Installation

With access to the highest-quality materials and workmanship, our clients are able to enjoy the very best modern tiling has to offer.


With the use of high-quality waterproofing membranes and products, we offer tailored solutions backed by manufacturers’ warranties.

Self levelling

Self-levelling concrete slab floors, cement sheet floors, bathrooms, laundries, terraces and balconies.


Applied on top of the existing surface to level the floor prior to final floor coverings, screed can be troweled to accommodate the ‘fall’ which allows water to drain correctly in wet areas.


Our professional caulking services complement our Australian-certified waterproofing products and technology designed to outperform the elements across all seal types and joints.


Utilising either traditional cement-based epoxy or polymer-based grouts, our expert team uses only premium materials to deliver the finish and application you are looking for.